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August Wilson

- 89 -

house. Wondering all the time . . . what's Papa gonna say if I do this? . . . What's he gonna say if I do that? . . . What's Papa gonna say if I turn on the
radio? And Mama, too . . . she tries ... but she’s scared of you.

TROY You leave your mama out of this. She ain't got nothing to do with this.

CORY I don't know how she stand you . . . after what you did to her.

TROY I told you to leave your mama out of this!

(He advances toward CORY.)

CORY What you gonna do . . . give me a whupping? You can't whup me no more. You're too old. You just an old man.


(Shoves him on his shoulder.) Nigger! That's what you are. You just another nigger on the street to me!

CORY You crazy! You know that?

TROY Go on now! You got the devil in you. Get on away from me!

CORY You just a crazy old man . . . talking about I got the devil in me.

TROY Yeah, I’m crazy! If you don't get on the other side of that yard ... I'm gonna show you how crazy I am! Go on . . . get the hell out of my yard.
CORY It ain't your yard. You took Uncle Gabe's money he got from the army to buy this house and then you put him out.


( TROY advances on CORY.) Get your black ass out of my yard!

( TROY's advance backs CORY up against the tree. CORY grabs up the bat.)

- 90 -

CORY I ain't going nowhere! Come on . . . put me out! I ain't scared of you.

TROY That’s my bat!

CORY Come on!

TROY Put my bat down!

CORY Come on, put me out.

(CORY swings at TROY , who backs across the yard.) What's the matter? You so bad ... put me out!

(TROY advances toward CORY.)


(Backing up.) Come on! Come on!

TROY You're gonna have to use it! You wanna draw that bat back on me . . . you're gonna have to use it.

CORY Come on! . . . Come on!

(CORY swings the bat at TROY a second time. He misses. TROY continues to advance toward him.)

TROY You're gonna have to kill me! You wanna draw that bat back on me. You're gonna have to kill me.

(CORY, backed up against the tree, can go no farther. TROY taunts him. He sticks out his head and offers him a target.) Come on! Come on!
(CORY is unable to swing the bat. TROY grabs it.)

TROY Then I'll show you.

( CORY and TROY struggle over the bat. The struggle is fierce and fully engaged. TROY ultimately is the stronger, and takes the bat from CORY and
stands over him ready to swing. He stops himself.)

- 91 -

Go on and get away from around my house.

(CORY, stung by his defeat, picks himself up, walks slowly out of the yard and up the alley.)

CORY Tell Mama I'll be back for my things.

TROY They’ll be on the other side of that fence.

(CORY exits.)

TROY I can't taste nothing. Helluljah! I can't taste nothing no more.

(TROY assumes a batting posture and begins to taunt Death, the fastball in the outside corner.) Come on! It’s between you and me now! Come on!
Anytime you want! Come on! I be ready for you ... but I ain’t gonna be easy.

(The lights go down on the scene.)

- 92 -

Act 2, Scene 5

Act Two Scene Five

The time is 1965. The lights come up in the yard. It is the morning of TROY's funeral. A funeral plaque with a light hangs beside the door. There is a
small garden plot off to the side. There is noise and activity in the house as ROSE, L YONS and BONO have gathered. The door opens and
RAYNELL, seven years old, enters dressed in a flannel nightgown. She crosses to the garden and pokes around with a stick. ROSE calls from the

ROSE Ftaynell!


ROSE What you doing out there?

MAXSON Nothing.

(ROSE comes to the door.)

ROSE Girl, get in here and get dressed. What you doing?

MAXSON Seeing if my garden growed.

ROSE I told you it ain't gonna grow overnight. You got to wait.

MAXSON It don't look like it never gonna grow. Dag!

- 93 -

ROSE I told you a watched pot never boils. Get in here and get dressed.

MAXSON This ain't even no pot, Mama.

ROSE You just have to give it a chance. It'll grow. Now you come on and do what I told you. We got to be getting ready. This ain't no morning to be
playing around. You hear me?

MAXSON Yes, mam.

(ROSE exits into the house. RAYNELL continues to poke at her garden with a stick. CORY enters. He is dressed in a Marine corporal's uniform , and
carries a duffel bag. His posture is that of a military man, and his speech has a clipped sternness.)



(Pause.) I bet your name is Raynell.

MAXSON Uh huh.

CORY Is your mama home?

(RAYNELL runs up on the porch and calls through the screendoor.)

MAXSON Mama . . . there's some man out here. Mama?

(ROSE comes to the door.)

ROSE Cory? Lord have mercy! Look here, you all!

(ROSE and CORY embrace in a tearful reunion as BONO and LYONS enter from the house dressed in funeral clothes.)
BONO Aw, looka here . . .

ROSE Done got all grown up!

- 94 -

CORY Don't cry, Mama. What you crying about?

ROSE I'm just so glad you made it.

CORY Hey Lyons. How you doing, Mr. Bono.

(LYONS goes to embrace CORY.)

LYONS Look at you, man. Look at you. Don't he look good, Rose. Got them Corporal stripes.

ROSE What took you so long.

CORY You know how the Marines are, Mama. They got to get all their paperwork straight before they let you do anything.

ROSE Well, I'm sure glad you made it. They let Lyons come. Your Uncle Gabe's still in the hospital. They don’t know if they gonna let him out or not.
I just talked to them a little while ago.

LYONS A Corporal in the United States Marines.

BONO Your daddy knew you had it in you. He used to tell me all the time.

LYONS Don't he look good, Mr. Bono?

BONO Yeah, he remind me of Troy when I first met him.

(Pause.) Say, Rose, Lucille's down at the church with the choir. I'm gonna go down and get the pallbearers lined up. I'll be back to get you all.
ROSE Thanks, Jim.

CORY See you, Mr. Bono.


( With his arm around RAYNELL.) Cory . . . look at Raynell. Ain't she precious? She gonna break a whole lot of hearts.

- 95 -

ROSE Raynell, come and say hello to your brother. This is your brother, Cory. You remember Cory.


CORY She don't remember me, Mama.

ROSE Well, we talk about you. She heard us talk about you.

(To RAYNELL.) This is your brother, Cory. Come on and say hello.


CORY Hi. So you're Raynell. Mama told me a lot about you.

ROSE You all come on into the house and let me fix you some breakfast. Keep up your strength.

CORY I ain't hungry, Mama.

LYONS You can fix me something, Rose. I'll be in there in a minute.

ROSE Cory, you sure you don't want nothing. I know they ain’t feeding you right.

CORY No, Mama . . . thanks. I don’t feel like eating. I'll get something later.

ROSE Raynell ... get on upstairs and get that dress on like I told you.

(ROSE and RAYNELL exit into the house.)

LYONS So ... I hear you thinking about getting married.

CORY Yeah, I done found the right one, Lyons. It's about time.

LYONS Me and Bonnie been split up about four years now. About the time Papa retired. I guess she just got
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